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Woman killed in fatal pedestrian accident in Oregon

Whether in a vehicle, on a bicycle or on foot, individuals always face the potential for danger while on or near roads. Pedestrians may do their best to stay safe by utilizing crosswalks and watching for vehicles, but unfortunately, accidents still happen. In many cases, these incidents prove fatal because individuals on foot have little protection against vehicles.

Oregon car accident claims life of teen, injures other minors

It is common knowledge that many teenagers like to push the limits. Whether they are pushing the limits of their parents by testing the rules or pushing the limits in a car by driving over the speed limit, they are likely not setting themselves up for smooth sailing. Of course, pushing the limits in a vehicle can lead to more than just getting grounded. In fact, a reckless and inexperienced teen driver could cause a serious or fatal car accident.

Serious injuries result from Oregon crash

When driving on roadways, other vehicles can seemingly come out of nowhere. In some cases, this sudden appearance has no effect other than to startle a driver and cause him or her to pay more attention. Unfortunately, some drivers may not even see other vehicles before a collision occurs and serious injuries result.

2 suffer serious injuries in Oregon crash that killed another

The factors that can contribute to car accidents are numerous. In many cases, accident causes can fall into the categories of driver negligence or recklessness, but those categories encompass actions from distracted driving and speeding to failing to accommodate for weather conditions. In too many cases, crashes lead to serious injuries and other harrowing outcomes.

Fatal injuries result from head-on crash in Oregon

It is an unfortunate reality that car accidents happen on roadways across the country every day. Some of these incidents have minor outcomes and can be handled quickly. Others are much more severe and can result in serious or fatal injuries to those involved. Unfortunately, the latter scenario is not uncommon.

Car accident results in fatal injuries in Oregon

Families often say goodbye to their loved ones with the intention of seeing them again later. Unfortunately, many people lose loved ones in sudden accidents before they are able to meet again. A car accident can easily lead to this type of tragic scenario, and one such incident recently took place in Oregon.

Head-on collision in Oregon leads to death, injuries

Many people consider traveling the roads as a mundane experience. After all, most people complete daily commutes to various destinations, so being on the road is hardly exciting. However, there are plenty of risks that come along with driving or riding in a vehicle, and without a moment's notice, a car accident could occur that makes a day anything but mundane.


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