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Employment law case stems from alleged disability discrimination

Having a disability, whether temporary or permanent, can make certain areas of life more difficult than for those who are able-bodied. However, having a disability does not mean that a person cannot carry out his or her necessary work duties and have a fulfilling career. In some cases, certain accommodations may be needed in order to have that success, and most employers have a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations. If that does not happen, employment law issues could result.

Fatal injuries result from head-on crash in Oregon

It is an unfortunate reality that car accidents happen on roadways across the country every day. Some of these incidents have minor outcomes and can be handled quickly. Others are much more severe and can result in serious or fatal injuries to those involved. Unfortunately, the latter scenario is not uncommon.

What does "protected class" mean?

Employers cannot harass or fire workers based on things such as race or sex, we all know that. In addition to our heritage and gender there are other traits that may make us members of what is known as a "protected class."

Car accident results in fatal injuries in Oregon

Families often say goodbye to their loved ones with the intention of seeing them again later. Unfortunately, many people lose loved ones in sudden accidents before they are able to meet again. A car accident can easily lead to this type of tragic scenario, and one such incident recently took place in Oregon.


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