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Woman killed in fatal pedestrian accident in Oregon

Whether in a vehicle, on a bicycle or on foot, individuals always face the potential for danger while on or near roads. Pedestrians may do their best to stay safe by utilizing crosswalks and watching for vehicles, but unfortunately, accidents still happen. In many cases, these incidents prove fatal because individuals on foot have little protection against vehicles.

It was recently reported that one woman in Oregon lost her life after being struck by a vehicle. Apparently, the woman had stopped by a restaurant to visit a friend, and after leaving, she walked to an intersection in order to cross the street. Witnesses indicated that the woman waited for the walk signal before she began to cross, but unfortunately, she was hit by a pickup truck.

Court awards FedEx worker who filed retaliation claim

It is not unusual for individuals to consider themselves career workers. They may intend to land a job and keep that job for as long as possible, which many hope means being able to retire from that job. Unfortunately, some individuals with this goal may not be able to reach it due to retaliation and unfair treatment they experience from their employers.

Oregon readers may be interested in an out-of-state case regarding retaliation that recently reached an outcome. Reports stated that a FedEx worker had been with the company for 25 years when he suffered a serious injury on the job in 2014. A large box fell and struck the man's head, which resulted in him suffering a spinal cord injury and having to be hospitalized. Approximately one month later, the man was cleared to return to work if certain accommodations were met, such as not being able to drive or lift more than 10 lbs.

Oregon car accident claims life of teen, injures other minors

It is common knowledge that many teenagers like to push the limits. Whether they are pushing the limits of their parents by testing the rules or pushing the limits in a car by driving over the speed limit, they are likely not setting themselves up for smooth sailing. Of course, pushing the limits in a vehicle can lead to more than just getting grounded. In fact, a reckless and inexperienced teen driver could cause a serious or fatal car accident.

It was recently reported that a single-car crash involving teenagers occurred in Oregon. There were five individuals in the vehicle at the time, and their ages ranged from 14 to 17 years old. The report stated that emergency personnel responded to a call about a car accident at approximately 4:15 a.m. The vehicle had collided with a tree, and a photo from the scene showed significant damage to the middle passenger side of the vehicle.

Wrongful termination claims filed after unnecessary layoffs

Being let go from a job can be a devastating experience. When the situation results with good reason and is out of the employee's control, an Oregon worker may be better able to accept the event. However, if workers are laid off only to find out that they were let go unnecessarily, they may have reason to file wrongful termination claims.

It was recently reported that over 150 people have filed this type of lawsuit in another state against the same employer. Apparently, the state's Department of Health laid off approximately 200 employees due to an alleged lack of funds. The department also received a taxpayer bailout of $30 million in 2017 due to those claims. However, an audit into the department was released last year and showed that the layoffs were not necessary and that the department mismanaged funds.

Why do people text and drive?

We know that texting and driving is actually worse than driving drunk. The National Safety Council reports that one in every four crashes happens because someone is texting and driving. Yet every day people we know and love continue to do it. Why? 

The problem, researchers say, is something called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is "the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories." In other words, we find ways to prove or confirm what we want to believe is true. 

Serious injuries result from Oregon crash

When driving on roadways, other vehicles can seemingly come out of nowhere. In some cases, this sudden appearance has no effect other than to startle a driver and cause him or her to pay more attention. Unfortunately, some drivers may not even see other vehicles before a collision occurs and serious injuries result.

It was recently reported that an accident in Oregon led to the injuries to two people. Apparently, a car was traveling east when a minivan entered the roadway from another street. The two vehicles collided, and photos from the scene show that the car sustained heavy front-end damage and that the minivan ended up in a ditch on the side of the road. Additional details on the accident itself were not given in the report.

2 suffer serious injuries in Oregon crash that killed another

The factors that can contribute to car accidents are numerous. In many cases, accident causes can fall into the categories of driver negligence or recklessness, but those categories encompass actions from distracted driving and speeding to failing to accommodate for weather conditions. In too many cases, crashes lead to serious injuries and other harrowing outcomes.

It was recently reported that a car accident in Oregon claimed the life of one person and resulted in two other people suffering injuries. The incident occurred when a person traveling west failed to stay in the correct lane and crossed the center dividing line. That driver's vehicle crashed head-on into a pickup truck that was traveling east. There were a man and woman in the pickup truck, and the driver was apparently the only occupant of the other vehicle.

Employment law case stems from alleged disability discrimination

Having a disability, whether temporary or permanent, can make certain areas of life more difficult than for those who are able-bodied. However, having a disability does not mean that a person cannot carry out his or her necessary work duties and have a fulfilling career. In some cases, certain accommodations may be needed in order to have that success, and most employers have a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations. If that does not happen, employment law issues could result.

Oregon readers may be interested in a legal issue that is currently being addressed in another state. Reports indicated that a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines has filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against the company due to past issues relating to needed accommodations. The man reportedly suffered a foot injury while on the job after a "botched" landing in 2016. He had to take medical leave from work, and due to continuing issues resulting from the injury, he needed medical footwear that differed from the Delta-approved dress code. The situation resulted in his missing a year of work, and he hopes that a lawsuit will allow him to obtain compensation for that time.

Fatal injuries result from head-on crash in Oregon

It is an unfortunate reality that car accidents happen on roadways across the country every day. Some of these incidents have minor outcomes and can be handled quickly. Others are much more severe and can result in serious or fatal injuries to those involved. Unfortunately, the latter scenario is not uncommon.

It was recently reported that a crash involving two vehicles recently took place in Oregon. Apparently, the driver of an SUV was traveling south when she failed to maintain her lane of travel. As a result, the vehicle veered into the northbound lane where it collided head-on with a van. An 85-year-old man was driving the van, and an 81-year-old woman was a passenger in the van.

What does "protected class" mean?

Employers cannot harass or fire workers based on things such as race or sex, we all know that. In addition to our heritage and gender there are other traits that may make us members of what is known as a "protected class."

People who belong to a protected class have specific traits. If an employer discriminates or fires you because of these traits, then an employer has unlawfully discriminated against you based on your protected status. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal organization which enforces this law.  


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