A Trucking Accident Can Cause Devastating Injuries

When you venture out onto the interstate, you agree to share the road with a range of different vehicles. While cars traveling at high speeds may pose a significant risk, it is large trucks and commercial vehicles that are uniquely dangerous to other motorists. When accidents occur involving these vehicles, the damage and injuries that result are often incredibly severe.

If you or a loved one has been in a collision with a truck, my firm can help. I am personal injury attorney Efrem Lawrence. As the principal of E.L. Law Firm, I offer legal counsel to Portland residents who have experienced life-altering car accidents. As an attorney, I understand the severity of these collisions, and I can help you navigate the complex liability issues that arise in trucking accidents.

What Can You Receive Damages For?

A semitruck crash can result in unfathomable damage. If you have found yourself involved in such an accident, the compensation that you can receive is not limited to auto repairs and visits to the doctor's office.

You may be eligible for damages that account for:

  • Pain and suffering: A trucking accident can be a traumatizing experience, and your recovery journey may prove to be a long one. You can seek damages that compensate you for your emotional and physical distress.
  • Lost wages or future earnings: If an accident leaves you temporarily unable to work, you may be awarded compensation for lost wages. If your condition is more serious and permanent, you can also receive damages that account for a loss of future earnings.
  • All ensuing medical expenses: Rehabilitation and necessary medical equipment can be expensive. You may be entitled to compensation that will fund all of your current and future medical expenses related to your accident.

When a trucking accident happens, issues pertaining to liability can become complicated. Beyond the driver of the vehicle, the trucking company itself may be found responsible, adding several layers to your claim. As these matters are routinely complex, it can prove immensely helpful to consult with an experienced lawyer like myself, Efrem Lawrence.

I Can Help You On Your Road To Recovery

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