Helping Victims Of Sexual Abuse Take Action

If you have suffered from sexual abuse, you may be uncertain of where to turn. These events are traumatic, and feelings of fear and embarrassment may prevent you from coming forward, particularly if your abuser holds a position of power.

The right first step may be finding an attorney who will listen. At E.L. Law Firm, I understand the sensitive nature of these cases, and I offer my Portland clients caring and committed counsel. If you are willing to tell your story, I can help you hold bad actors accountable in your quest for compensation.

Troubling Acts Can Occur In A Number Of Settings

It is an unfortunate reality that sexual abuse can take place in otherwise trusted environments. When an institution fails to protect an individual from the actions of a predator, however, they can be found liable, and damages can be awarded for emotional and physical distress. Some examples of liable parties in sexual abuse cases include:

  • Academic institutions: When a teacher or coach at a school or university commits sexual assault, that institution's negligence can find them held liable in court. Incidents that occur due to poor lighting or lack of security can also lead to premises liability claims.
  • Religious organizations: Sexual misconduct by an individual holding a position of power in a religious organization is actionable in civil court. In some cases, you can file suit against a church or another religious entity.
  • Employers: If you have experienced sexual misconduct in the workplace, especially if at the hands of a supervisor, your company can be held liable for damages.
  • Day care facilities: Those that you entrust to care for your children should never put them in danger. If your child has been the victim of abuse, you may have legal options.

Speaking up about abuse is rarely an easy task. At my office, I foster a judgment-free, safe environment that allows you to detail your case. As your lawyer, I will ceaselessly work on your behalf to help you move forward with your life. Cases of sexual abuse or serious injury can be challenging, but an experienced legal professional can help.

Arrange For A Comprehensive, Discrete Consultation Today

As an attorney, I have helped a number of Oregon individuals bring suit against their abusers. This often not only brings closure to their own matter, but can also work to prevent abusers from continuing the abuse. To find out more about how I, attorney Efrem Lawrence, can help you, call my office today at 503-446-6092. For your convenience, I am also available via email. As a small firm, I offer complete confidentiality and prompt, personal service.